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Viggo Articles & Interviews - 2005

A Visit with Viggo. . . . - Sandpoint Magazine, January 2005
An expansion of the print version in Sandpoint Magazine's 2005 Winter Edition, this story includes Viggo's thoughts about North Idaho, his last two movies, his love for horses, etc.

Cronenberg Shoots MortensenCronenberg Shoots Mortensen - Premiere (French edition), May 31, 2005
Collection of candid photographs by David Cronenberg of Viggo Mortensen and other History of Violence cast members, taken at Cannes. Viggo is seen as alternately playful and tired.   [scans at TORN]

Small Press Is Beautiful - LA Weekly, June 3, 2005
Article on small independent presses includes a description of the output of Viggo Mortensen's Perceval Press and some speculation on its focus. Viggo is quoted as saying, "Perhaps the attention derived from the publication of Twilight of Empire: Responses to Occupation has given some people the mistaken impression that we concentrate on overtly 'political' or 'progressive' material." He goes on to state that Perceval "will remain open to publishing new and different material as well as points of view."

Impeach, Remove, Jail - Perceval Press, September 1, 2005
Call to action from Viggo Mortensen, published on the Perceval Press home page and widely copied throughout the net. He begins, "In the often and rightly quoted words of Bill Clinton, 'There's nothing wrong with America that can't be fixed by what's right with America.' and concludes, "Please call or write your government representatives and help get the scoundrels out of government and in prison where they belong. Do not allow the subject to be changed, do not be distracted. The time to act is now. Take back your country."   []

Viggo Mortensen Interview - The Progressive, November 2005