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Viggo Mortensen: Articles and Interviews

There are several sites on the net with wonderful collections of articles and interviews about Viggo Mortensen. We've tried to provide links to the best sources of the best articles, and have posted a few articles that we couldn't find archived elsewhere. We've given credit wherever possible; if you know of original sources for any articles, please let us know. Thanks to the people who have transcribed and translated these articles.

Wherever possible, article titles are linked to the original sources of the material. The bracketed links after the synopsis indicate where archived copies (text and/or scans) can be found. See the "Collections" below for a list of sites with substantial archives of Viggo Mortensen articles and interviews, and the keys to the abbreviations for the bracketed links.

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Collections of Articles & Interviews about Viggo Mortensen

El Alma de ViggoEl Alma de Viggo [El Alma] - Italian-language site "dedicato a Viggo Mortensen Artista: attore, poeta, scrittore, fotografo e pittore." Hundreds of articles in various languages, with dates ranging from 1995 to 2009, are archived on the site. [TORN] - Perhaps the most comprehensive of all the Lord of the Rings fan sites, TORN includes a massive database ("scrapbook") of scanned photographs and articles.

Viggo ChroniclesViggo Chronicles [Chronicles] - Extensive collection of transcribed articles dating back to 1987. (The "2001" page includes quite a few earlier articles.) Text only.

Viggo-WorksViggo-Works [Viggo-Works] - This large and expanding archive of articles and interviews dates back to a 1987 theater review extolling Viggo's performance in Bent. Many pieces translated to English from other languages.