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Viggo Mortensen in 28 Days

Viggo Mortensen in 28 Days

Release: 2000

Director: Betty Thomas
Writer(s): Susannah Grant

Runtime: 103 min

MCAA Rating: PG-13 for mature thematic elements involving substance abuse, language and some sensuality

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28 Days Cast and Crew

Viggo Mortensen: Eddie Boone

Other leading roles:
Sandra Bullock as Gwen Cummings
Dominic West as Jasper
Elizabeth Perkins as Lily Cummings
Azura Skye as Andrea
Steve Buscemi as Cornell Shaw
Alan Tudyk as Gerhardt

28 Days Synopsis

Sandra Bullock stars as a woman in rehab struggling with substance abuse. Viggo Mortensen has a supporting role as a professional baseball player and fellow patient.

28 Days Brief Review

If you are only interested in "Viggo-sightings," you may be disappointed--Mortensen is billed second to Bullock in the credits, but his role is relatively small. Still the acting, directing and story are good and I enjoyed the film.

Though the film is about the serious subject of addiction (alcoholism, drug abuse and sexual addiction are touched on), there are many humorous moments. Reviewers have complained that the filmmakers couldn't decide whether they were trying to make a serious drama or a comedy. Their complaints aside, I still enjoyed the many zingers. Alan Tudyk (as Gerhardt) was particularly adept.

Viggo Mortensen settles nicely into his role as a professional baseball player with a laconic drawl and fondness for cocaine and spontaneous sex. The accent suits him, as does the haircut, though sometimes he seems too darned cleancut and mentally balanced to be in rehab.

A side note on Viggo's preparation for the role, which includes a few minutes coaching Bullock's character on throwing a baseball: "I mean I like baseball, but I'm not really well versed in it, so I've been going to Spring training in Arizona and Florida.... The players were really nice and took me under their wing."

28 Days Soundtrack

1. Joy To The World - Three Dog Night
2. D.U.I.
3. Out The Window
4. A Way To Die
5. Heaven And Mud - Loudon Wainwright III
6. Can't Breathe
7. Ode De Toilet
8. Better Than What
9. The Drinking Song - Loudon Wainwright III
10. A Dingo Stole My Baby
11. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) - Otis Redding
12. Impossible Not
13. White Winos - Loudon Wainwright III
14. Eversleep/Dreaming/Mourning - Loudon Wainwright III
15. Fragile Package
16. Lean On Me - Tom Jones

28 Days Articles & Interviews

Viggo Mortensen: Renaissance ManViggo Mortensen: Renaissance Man - Cleveland Plain Dealer, April 1, 1999
Interview sets the scene at a showing of Viggo Mortensen's photographs, then provides Viggo's take on Walk on the Moon and the upcoming 28 Days.

Mooning Over Viggo Mortensen - USA Today, April 21, 1999
The interviewer is slightly confused about Viggo's film roles, saying that Viggo spends "much of [his] screen time making love to the most beautiful and desirable women imaginable" and then names Demi Moore (G.I. Jane) and Julianne Moore (Psycho) as two of those women. But still, the article includes some interesting quotes from Mortensen regarding on-screen romance and his preparation for his roles in A Walk on the Moon and 28 Days.   [Viggo-Works]   []

Review: 28 Days - The Onion A.V. Club, 2001
Reviewer suggests improvements in 28 Days but concludes that it "exceeds expectations at nearly every turn" and that Viggo Mortensen is "used well, for once."

28 Days Resources

Viggo Mortensen and Sandra Bullock in 28 DaysDVD Review: 28 Days - Detailed review of the film, plot, cast and DVD production values. Describes the DVD extras.
Viggo Mortensen as Eddie in 28 DaysFilms of Viggo Mortensen: 28 Days - Two reviews of 28 Days, both of which question the realism and integrity of the film. "It is a comedy about a serious issue which is a travesty in itself that needs to be overlooked if to be enjoyed purely as entertainment."

Still they enjoyed Viggo as Eddie: "Sandra Bullock confessed that she kept making mistakes deliberately in a scene where she and Mortensen kiss so they had to run the scene again and again. The result is a picture perfect kissing scene in a film that often tests viewer suspension of disbelief and patience."
MovieWeb logoMovieWeb: 28 Days - A dozen nice high-resolution still shots from the film plus basic background information. Unfortunately only one of the stills features Viggo Mortensen as "Eddie." Site includes movie discussion forum.
Viggo Mortensen as Eddie in 28 DaysRotten Tomatoes Reviews: 28 Days - A page of quotes from reviews with links to full text for some. Reviews range from "Sandra Bullock's best film in years -- perhaps even the best work she has ever done." to "A Lifetime Original Movie with naughty language." Small gallery of good-quality stills (links to trailers are broken).

28 Days Video Clips

Apologies for the slight buzz on these; they were captured from a VHS tape which doesn't seem to agree with my equipment. I'll try to redo them later when I have the DVD but in the meantime they're not too bad I hope.

You are welcome to download them for your own use. You are welcome to link to this site or to this page but please DO NOT hotlink directly to the clips. If you post the clips on your web site, please link back to

Viggo Mortensen as Eddie Boone28d-01: Eddie arrives - Eddie Boone arrives at the rehab facility. He found Gwen lying on the ground outside the clinic and has carried her in with him. "You can't bring a girl into treatment with you, Eddie." "Wasn't goin' to keep her." (00'15, 436 KB)
Viggo Mortensen as Eddie Boone28d-08: More than fine - Gwen is beating herself up over things she's done. Eddie: "Those are just things you've done, not who you are. People make mistakes, you know. Who you are is just fine. More than fine." (00'28, 552 KB)

28 Days Photo Gallery

Most of the screen captures are from the Viggo Obsession or Sagra websites (see links above). Others are studio publicity photos that can be found in many sites around the net. In several cases I've color-corrected or improved brightness/contrast from the original download.