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Viggo Mortensen in Good

Viggo Mortensen in 'Good'

Release: 2008

Director: Vicente Amorim
Writer(s): Screenplay by John Wrathall
Based on: Based on a play by C.P. Taylor


MCAA Rating: unknown

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Good Cast and Crew

Viggo Mortensen: John Halder

Other leading roles:
Jason Isaacs as Maurice
Steven Mackintosh as Freddie
Mark Strong as Bouhler
Jodie Whittaker as Anne

Good Synopsis

Showing in select theaters - Good is one man's journey during the Nazi regime set against his chaotic private life. Based on the play by CP Taylor, Good forces us the question the nature of humanity and whether in such circumstances a person can remain good.

Good Brief Review

Viggo Mortensen plays a professor who has been seduced by Germany's national pride and renaissance during the early 1930s as well as a flirtation with a student.

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