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Viggo Mortensen in The Portrait of a Lady

Viggo Mortensen as Caspar Goodwood in The Portrait of a Lady

Release: 1996

Director: Jane Campion
Writer(s): screenplay by Laura Jones
Based on: novel by Henry James

Runtime: 142 min

MCAA Rating: PG-13 for mature sensuality and some brief nudity

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The Portrait of a Lady Cast and Crew

Viggo Mortensen: Caspar Goodwood

Other leading roles:
Nicole Kidman as Isabel Archer
John Malkovich as Gilbert Osmond
Barbara Hershey as Madame Serena Merle
Mary-Louise Parker as Henrietta Stackpole

The Portrait of a Lady Synopsis

Headstrong American heiress, Isabel Archer (Kidman), travels to England. She tactfully rebuffs the advances of Caspar Goodwood (Mortensen), another American who has followed her there, and likewise rejects the proposal of a decent, sensible English suitor, Lord Warburton (Richard E. Grant), because she wants to find her own destiny and identity first. Instead, she is seduced by Gilbert Osmond (Malkovich), an effete collector of art (and women) whom one character describes as a "sterile dilettante." The film explores how Isabel's life, and the lives of those who love her, are affected by this fateful decision.

The Portrait of a Lady Soundtrack

The 1996 soundtrack DVD, featuring the music of Franz Schubert and original works from Wojciech Kilar, is no longer listed on Amazon. However you may be able to find a used copy somewhere. Soundtrack Collector has all the details for both U.S. and German versions.

The Portrait of a Lady Articles & Interviews

Age of DiscoveryAge of Discovery - Movieline, November 1996
A quick rundown of Viggo Mortensen's film credits, from Witness to Crimson Tide, and a teaser about his upcoming role in The Portrait of a Lady. 'After years of small parts in little-seen movies, does the 38-year-old actor feel he's at a now-or-never crossroads? "If I'd ever felt that, I would probably have shot myself already,' he replies."   []

Viggo, Vidi, ViciViggo, Vidi, Vici - Premiere magazine, February 1997
Interview with Viggo Mortensen focuses on his very different upcoming roles in The Portrait of a Lady and G.I. Jane (at the time, tentatively titled In Pursuit of Honor). "Surprisingly, Mortensen sees some parallels between the 19th-century romantic he plays in Portrait and the hardcase master chief in Honor. 'I think they're both gentlemen. By the end you get that—the chief has a real old-fashioned code of ethics.'"   []

Portrait of a Lady Resources

Viggo Mortensen as Caspar Goodwood in Portrait of a LadyFilms of Viggo Mortensen: Portrait of a Lady - Scroll past 28 Days for two reviews of Portrait of a Lady. The first calls it a "layered, subtle, exquisite period drama" and says that "Mortensen, no stranger to playing mysterious, seductive and dangerous men, is the surprise in this film, playing against type as the straightforward, loving gentleman who scares the hell out of Isabel by offering his heart and being willing to wait." The second review concludes, "The story subtly intrigues, and may be an acquired taste."
The Portrait of a Lady Movie Trailer - Official studio trailer gives a feeling of the characters and plot, but does not include any Viggo moments. (2.4 MB, 00'31)

Portrait of a Lady Photo Gallery

Thanks to Obsession and Sagralisse for sharing the screen shots (see links above).