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Viggo Mortensen in Ruby Cairo (Deception)

Viggo Mortensen as Johnny Faro in Ruby Cairo

Release: 1993

Director: Graeme Clifford
Writer(s): Robert Dillon and Michael Thomas
Based on: story by Robert Dillon

Runtime: Spain:111 min / USA:90 min

MCAA Rating: PG-13


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Ruby Cairo/Deception Cast and Crew

Viggo Mortensen: John E. 'Johnny' Faro

Other leading roles:
Andie MacDowell as Elizabeth 'Bessie' Faro, aka Ruby Cairo
Liam Neeson as Dr. Fergus Lamb, Feed the World

Ruby Cairo/Deception Synopsis

When Bessie Faro investigates the death of her husband Johnny in a plane crash in Mexico, she finds that his business is in the red and that he had been stashing large sums of money in bank accounts all over the world. As she begins systematically recovering her husband's money, she discovers that someone else has beaten her to some of the accounts. Aided by Fergus Lamb, who is somehow connected to Johnny, she goes to Cairo to find some answers.

Ruby Cairo/Deception Brief Review

Note: Ruby Cairo was released in Europe (Region 2 DVD); Deception was released in the U.S. (Region 1 DVD). They are not identical; the more explicit love scenes between MacDowell and Mortensen were removed before the film was released in the U.S. as Deception, at MacDowell's insistence.

Ruby Cairo/Deception Soundtrack

See this excellent review of John Barry's original soundtrack for Ruby Cairo at The music is described as "a delightful mix of flamenco guitar and 'classic' Barry string work."

Soundtrack details and ordering information can be found at Soundtrack Collector.

Ruby Cairo Resources

Viggo Mortensen & Andie MacDowell in Ruby CairoJapanese Souvenir Program - Sachie extensive archive includes eight scans of photos and text from the 1993 Japanese souvenir movie program for Ruby Cairo. Deception - Lists upcoming showtimes for Deception on US premium cable channels. Site also has a brief review and links to related websites.
Review: Deception (a.k.a. Ruby Cairo) - James Berardinelli's detailed review pans Deception as "an empty tale of treachery and lies that rarely makes sense and engages the audience's interest even less frequently."
Review: Deception/Ruby Cairo - One gets the impression that Viggo Mortensen fan Colleen Wallace would like to have enjoyed this movie more than she did. "While both Mortensen and Neeson hold up their ends valiantly, this film implodes in the middle from a flimsy script and a leading lady who has more looks than acting talent."
Rotten Tomatoes logoRotten Tomatoes Reviews: Deception - Quotes from reviews with links to full text for some. Generally unfavorable though Steve Rhodes says, "Truth be told, the plot is so crazy and so full of holes that it keeps your attention in a strange sort of way. It is so bad, it is fascinating." The soundtrack gets a thumbs-up review.
VideoDetective: Deception Trailer - Theater trailer for Deception, in WMF format.

Ruby Cairo Photo Gallery

Thanks to Sagralisse and Obsession for sharing the screencaps. (See links above.) We've also added a few of our own, from the Ruby Cairo scenes that were not in the region 1 Deception.