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Prior to 24-April-2005, we threw away or recycled about half the news entries, and hid the rest of the old ones. But the old ones that we couldn't bring ourselves to dump just kept accumulating! So we decided to publish the archives, just in case you missed something interesting.

Viggo Mortensen in AlatristeAlatriste in NYC; US release dates still a question - 6-Dec-06
Alatriste is one of the films to be featured this weekend, Dec 9-10, at the "Spanish Cinema Now" Film Festival at the Walter Reade Theater in New York City. Details here.

We're getting a lot of questions about when Alatriste will be released. Release dates for several European countries are in spring, 2007. Our current understanding is that no US distributor has yet been signed, but that it is expected that the film will make it to the US by mid-year. Viggo-Works has some distribution info here. And this Viggo Daily thread more or less summarizes the available information and speculation -- along with some great pictures. If you hear anything more definitive, please let us know. - DMc

The Horse is GoodHorse is Good & Miyelo - auction for Pine Ridge - 1-Dec-06
From Friends on Board: Viggo Mortensen and Perceval Press have donated two autographed books to be auctioned for the OST Healthy Start (healthy babies) program at Pine Ridge Reservation. The first, The Horse is Good, is up for auction now at eBay. When that auction ends on Dec 2nd, 10 a.m. PST, the auction for an autographed copy of Miyelo will begin. - DMc

Viggo WorldViggo World - 28-Nov-06
Cat and Estel just launched a fresh new German website, Viggo World, featuring Viggo Mortensen's biography, filmography, books and CDs, plus the latest Viggo news. They would love to hear from Viggo's fans. - DMc

Viggo MortensenViggo as publisher, and new book - 6-Nov-06
See this great article about Viggo Mortensen, Perceval Press, and Viggo's next book, I Forget You for Ever (due in November), in the New York Times: link to article. - DMc

Bob Johnson for CongressViggo Mortensen autographs for Bob Johnson - 14-Sep-06
Viggo Mortensen is supporting the candidacy of Dr. Bob Johnson for New York's 23rd Congressional District. Bob is a Democrat and challenger to incumbent John McHugh; McHugh is on the House Armed Services Committee and a big supporter of President Bush and the Iraq war.

Viggo has made three campaign appearances with Johnson and has donated numerous books and DVDs to the campaign. All of the items are signed by Mortensen, and at Viggo's suggestion they are available for sale on the web site. Prices are reasonable and quantities are limited. Some items are already sold out, so don't delay. - DMc

Yes, I'm still here... - 17-Feb-06
Sorry to be away from the site for a while ... have added a few links but many in the past month. I have some good news, though. Just took a job with a local web design firm, CORE Communications, which will be a great change from my very lonely 1-person home shop! :)

And I just moved to a new and faster server in the UK. This will save my nerves -- over the past six months, as the end of each month approached, the bandwidth usage was threatening to top its limits. Now has space and bandwidth aplenty, with room to grow. Thanks and kudos to Marie of Sonnet Hosting for giving us space on a hot server for a good price. If you are looking for a UK-based web server with enough speed and connections to serve the rest of the world, I recommend her wholeheartedly.

I will be very busy with the transition to the new company this next month, but hope to resume updates to in April. In the meantime, do visit Viggo-Works for the latest Viggo news and a great forum, or check out the other forums and fan sites listed on our Viggo Links page. - DMc

Viggo Mortensen in A History of ViolenceA History of Violence DVD - 8-Dec-05
JoBlo reports that A History of Violence page DVD will be released 28-Feb 2007. The DVD is expected to include a commentary by director David Cronenberg, deleted scene, and other documentaries and trailers. - DMc

Viggo Mortensen in AlatristeAlatriste release dates - 11-Nov-05
Several folks have asked when Alatriste will be released. We've updated the Alatriste page with dates from IMDb: Spain in October 2006, USA in December 2006. If you hear anything more definitive, please let us know. We've also added a few more photographs to the page. - DMc

Viggo & Henry Mortensen in Crimson TideHappy Birthday, Viggo! - 20-Oct-05
Hope you are enjoying your day.

Teresa back on? - 19-Oct-05
- DMc

Impeach Remove Jail T-shirtNew from Perceval Press - 13-Oct-05
Perceval Press has recently added several items: an original Viggo Mortensen T-shirt design reading "Impeach Remove Jail," a new CD from Viggo and Buckhead entitled Intelligence Failure, and a 2nd printing of Twilight of Empire: Responses to Occupation that includes a new foreword by Howard Zinn. - DMc

Middle-earth JourneysMiddle-earth Journeys - 12-Oct-05
J.R.R. Tolkien lovers, please join Riv Res and Philipa of Viggo Works and Merry from Writers of Rohan (WRoR) in their new discussion forum focused on the works of Tolkien, Middle-earth Journeys. The site includes a calendar of Middle Earth events, links into the WRoR's descriptive Tolkien library, and rich discussion. - DMc

History of Violence CD coverA History of Violence soundtrack CD released - 11-Oct-05
The soundtrack CD for A History of Violence, featuring original music by Howard Shore, was released today on New Line Records. You can find it at This was the 11th collaboration between Shore and film directory David Cronenberg. See official press release for background information on the score and a high-res CD cover graphic in the HoV gallery. - DMc

Viggo on The Daily Show (Jon Stewart) - 29-Sep-05
In case you missed Viggo Mortensen's silliness on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, catch the video on The Daily Show site.

If for some reason it is inaccessible, you can find an archive on the SOTBK History of Violence page. - DMc

Viggo Mortensen on Charlie RoseViggo on Charlie Rose and Letterman - 24-Sep-05
In case you missed Viggo Mortensen's appearance on Charlie Rose, catch a video of his political comments at Crooks and Liars. A few quotes. "I think if [the people of Iraq] are left to take care of their own affairs, I think they'll do better in the long run." When asked if he thought the United States should pull out right now, he answered, "Absolutely. I support our troops, and the best way to support them is to bring them home immediately. This is the wrong place to be." Speaking of Bush: "Fiscal responsibility. Moral values. Fiscal responsibility. All of the planks of his political platforms have proved to be rotten and unstable."

Added: SOTBK has a clip of the full Charlie Rose interview, along with the September 23 David Letterman interview and other recent appearances, all on their History of Violence page. - DMc

wallpaper for A History of ViolenceA History of Violence official site - 29-Aug-05
The official A History of Violence now offers a downloads section with wallpapers, AIM icons and a giant (3.7MB) version of the HoV poster. They've also added a "video blog" and Q&A with David Cronenberg. Find more about the film on our A History of Violence page. - DMc

Viggo Mortensen in History of ViolenceHistory of Violence teasers - 28-Aug-05
HBO will be airing 13-minute "First Look" previews of A History of Violence starting September 12. See TV-Now for the schedule, or go directly to the HBO site - DMc

Movie poster from A History of ViolenceA History of Violence poster - 12-Aug-05
Thanks to Kay Linne for pointing us to the new A History of Violence poster, featuring a close-up of Viggo Mortensen's worried face. See it in our A History of Violence gallery; click the "View larger" link for a 700x1037 version. - DMc

Movie poster from The CrewThe Crew poster & official site - 9-Aug-05
The Crew is not one of Viggo Mortensen's finer films, but it's certainly memorable. Thanks to wwowie at LiveJournal for tipping us off to an official page posted by the producer, Cineville, with a large poster and some scanned news articles. Details on our The Crew page. - DMc

Killshot and Teresa - 25-Jul-05
Now that the filming for A History of Violence and Alatriste is complete, some of us have been wondering what's next for Viggo Mortensen. IMDb lists his next two projects as Teresa and Killshot. I've been reluctant to post pages for them, as his participation is still not confirmed, but finally decided that we at least need a place to track the rumors. So that's what you'll find on our new Teresa and Killshot pages. If you hear anything more definitive, please let us know! - DMc

Viggo Mortensen in A History of ViolenceJumbo History of Violence stills - 25-Jul-05
Found some great new high-resolution (1400x933) stills at, and added them to our A History of Violence page. - DMc

Quiet month - 24-Jul-05
Just realized that it's been almost a month since I posted on this page. This doesn't mean the site hasn't been updated -- I've added and updated quite a few links throughout the site. A few things of note: most of the Hidalgo video clips were no longer available on the sites we'd linked to, so we posted some here at and added updated links for others we found. And G.I. Jane fans will find new links and a few new screencaps -- we'll be continuing to add more screencaps in the near future. - DMc

Maria Bello & Viggo Mortensen at CannesHis brain's about to blow! - 26-Jun-05
The July/August issue of Premiere magazine features some photographs taken by A History of Violence director David Cronenberg at Cannes. We liked this one, captioned "His brain's about to blow!" See full caption and scans, including a nice closeup, in the Cannes gallery near the bottom of the A History of Violence page. - DMc

Viggo PaperdollsViggo Paperdoll - 4-Jun-05
Have some time on your hands? Play Viggo dressup at Paperdoll Heaven. How about Aragorn with shades and a knit hat? Unfortunately they don't have any of the soccer shirts or that lovely green suit. - DMc

More History of Violence - 4-Jun-05
We've continued to add to our A History of Violence page over the past two post-Cannes weeks, including quite a few articles, quotes and images. - DMc

Killshot -- it's on, it's off? - 3-Jun-05
In late May, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that "Elmore Leonard's Killshot, about a husband and wife who become the targets of killers, will be among the first slate of releases from ex-Miramax chieftains Harvey and Bob Weinstein's new company. Justin Timberlake, Viggo Mortensen, Diane Lane and Mickey Rourke are in the pic, which John Madden (Shakespeare in Love) will direct for a 2006 opening."

Being a bit slow on the news front, we heard this just in time for the almost retraction from Elmore Leonard's web site: "Some time ago, we published a Variety story from The Cannes Film Festival that purported to leak the cast for Killshot. This article generated a lot of interest, reverberating its way around the Internet and into the IMDD. But sources very close to the production are telling me emphatically that nothing is signed or certain with any of the aforementioned actors. When something is known, I will publish it here." - DMc

Viggo Mortensen in History of Violence trailerCannes video clips - 19-May-05
Some folks have reported problems downloading the Cannes Film Festival video clips, and I was unable to download the WMV files myself. So I have posted the RealMedia files for the press conference, interview/photo call, red carpet arrival and trailer on our A History of Violence page. If you know of another source for the WMV versions of the clips, please let us know. Thanks! - DMc

Alatriste book in English - 17-May-05
- DMc

Viggo Mortensen & HoV cast at CannesHistory of Violence video clips - 17-May-05
Thanks to Kerrit, Stephanie and Iyyak for clueing me in to the Cannes Film Festival buzz surrounding Viggo Mortensen, David Cronenberg and A History of Violence. Added links to articles, photos and video clips (trailers and press conferences) to the A History of Violence page, more to come soon. - DMc

Viggo Mortensen in The ProphecyProphecy and veggies - 15-May-05
Had a productive weekend: posted 26 screen captures of Viggo Mortensen in The Prophecy and planted my vegetable garden. This year it's tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, yellow squash, lettuce, basil. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well! - DMc

Ooops! - 14-May-05
Just checking error logs and discovered that the links were broken in the Christopher Walken Prophecy video clips. Hey, how come nobody told me? :) They're fixed now - please do contact me if you see anything broken on the site. Thanks! - DMc

Viggo Mortensen in PrisonVideo clips, video clips, video clips! - 12-May-05
Over the past few weeks, we've added video clips of Viggo Mortensen in Albino Alligator, Prison, Young Americans, and most recently The Prophecy. Whew! For The Prophecy, we added a few Viggo-less clips for the Christopher Walken fans (you know who you are). We also added over a dozen screen captures from Prison and tried to lighten up those terribly dark ones from Young Americans. - DMc

Lembas for the Soul - 12-May-05
Celevon Elensar is asking J.R.R. Tolkien fans to share true stories that describe how reading the book or watching the film version of The Lord of the Rings has enriched your life. She and a few friends are compiling these stories into a collection called Lembas for the Soul. Visit White Tree Press for more information. (And while you are at that site, click on the "Regalement" link for a good laugh.)

Viggo Mortensen in A History of ViolenceUpdates for A History of Violence - 18-Apr-05
Three more stills of Viggo Mortensen on the A History of Violence movie page, plus a link to a film review by an early screener. TORn reports that Variety reports that the film will be shown at Cannes in May, and is already predicting Oscar nominations for the film, David Cronenberg (best director), Viggo (best actor) and William Hurt (best supporting). - DMc

Viggo Mortensen in AlatristeMore Alatriste - 18-Apr-05
More photographs and links to articles on our Alatriste page. With Viggo Mortensen currently in Spain filming Alatriste, news and photos are coming out too fast for us to keep up! So we've pointed you to some forum threads that can keep you posted. - DMc

Apologies for the outage - 27-Mar-05
Sorry that the site was unavailable part of the day yesterday. Our bandwidth usage jumped again the past few days, and I am currently on a business trip so I didn't catch it quickly enough and the account was temporarily suspended. Thanks to several donors, we have been able to increase our account limit and do not expect further outages. - DMc

Asking for help - 11-Mar-05
After I added the new Viggo Mortensen video clips page last Friday night, our server traffic almost tripled overnight. It has continued to run at the new rate, which means that our hosting costs are going to rise again, and we have finally acknowledged the need to ask for help in covering expenses. I can't stand popups and don't want to pollute the site with ads, but I put a PayPal "begging button" in the left column. If you find yourself with a couple of dollars (or euros or whatever) to spare, a donation would be appreciated. More details on the About page. Thanks! - DMc

Viggo Mortensen in W magazine, September 1997Articles & interviews - 8-Mar-05
As you may know, closed its doors the end of February. We were terribly saddened by the loss of this site, which built on Musings of Viggo and The House of Telcontar to provide a tremendous archive of Viggo Mortensen news, articles, interviews, and photographs. has had links to many of the articles for some time. The archives and interviews were unexpectedly pulled off the site on February 1, the day the announcement was made. Though several sites contacted them offering to host the archives, the webmasters explained that they did not feel comfortable passing these archives on to another web site.

We spent a great deal of time this past month searching the Net for other sources and digging through the Google cache to recover as many articles as possible before they expire, and have been successful at recovering most of them. We have posted a new Viggo Articles & Interviews page with links to over 100 articles, and have almost another 100 in the wings waiting their turn to be posted. We know that some of's pages still link to (i.e., they're broken!) and are working to get them updated as quickly as possible.

Concurrently, the wonderful folks at Viggo-Works have been building their own Viggo Mortensen articles database from materials that they have collected over the years. They have a lot of articles that were not archived at We've linked to their site from our Articles page, and have also listed other sites with good archives of articles, text and scans. - DMc

Viggo Mortensen on David Letterman, March 2004Video clips page - 4-Mar-05
We've added a Viggo Mortensen Audio/Video Clips page to make it easier for you to find all the clips that are scattered around the site. The movie clips will still be linked from the individual movie pages, and political stuff from the Viggo Politics page as well. So far we have linked most of the movie clips, the David Letterman and Charlie Rose interview clips, and a recently-recovered clip of Viggo speaking at an anti-war rally in Washington, D.C., October of 2003. (Thanks, JoannaP!) We will be adding links to the American Yakuza, 28 Days, and G.I. Jane video clips soon. If you have an archived clip that is no longer available on the Net, please contact us as we may be able to host it at - DMc

Arturo P[q]eacute[/q]rez Reverte, Viggo Mortensen, and Agust[q]iacute[/q]n D[q]iacute[/q]az YanesAlatriste news and photos - 26-Feb-05
Added more links and translated bits to our Alatriste page. Thanks to Romarie of La Casa de mi Alma and its associated El Alma de Viggo forum for pointing us to this information! - DMc

Alatriste news and photos - 23-Feb-05
We've added to our Alatriste page: photographs and links to Spanish-language news and a video. The video and most of the photos are from recent television press events in Spain. - DMc

Viggo Mortensen in American YakuzaAmerican Yakuza special edition - 20-Feb-05
A "special edition" DVD of American Yakuza, featuring one of Viggo Mortensen's first starring roles, was released Feb 14 in region 2. The special features are unfortunately only some stills and a brief biography of Viggo. See our American Yakuza page for a link to a new movie review and some new high-resolution publicity stills. - DMc

Viggo Mortensen in The Gospel According to HarryGospel According to Harry - 13-Feb-05
Antisoshal is now offering a DVD of The Gospel According to Harry (aka Ewangelia wedlug Harry'ego). This film was released only in eastern Europe, and features Viggo Mortensen in a leading role. See our Ewangelia wedlug Harry'ego page for details. - DMc

John Howe illustration of MerlinViggo's introduction to John Howe book - 4-Feb-05
John Howe's recently published book, John Howe Artbook, features hundreds of illustrations, mostly from Tolkien's works, and an eloquent introduction by Viggo Mortensen. Though the book is available only in French, John has posted an English translation of Viggo's introduction. Thanks to Sienna of Thank You, Viggo for the tip! - DMc

Viggo Mortensen in Vanishing PointVanishing Point on DVD - 31-Jan-05
Great news! The 1997 remake of Vanishing Point, starring Viggo Mortensen, was previously available only on region 4 DVD. It is being released on region 1 DVD, with availability date 8-March-2005. See Viggo as Jimmy Kowalski getting married, bringing breakfast in bed to his pregnant wife, in the steam bath, driving a hot car! - DMc

Webmaster moving - 5-Jan-05
We won't be adding much over the next few weeks, as your webmaster is pulling up stakes and moving from California to Oregon this month. I'll be updating progress periodically in my "McDonna" LiveJournal, in case you're interested.

Ewangelia wedlug Harry'ego - 1-Jan-05
Added a page for Viggo's 1993 Polish-language film Ewangelia wedlug Harry'ego (The Gospel According to Harry), with a few screencaps from Obsession and links to the great resources available at Obsession and Celluloid Haven.

War is Not the Answer T-shirtNew from Perceval Press - 21-Dec-04
See Perceval Press for a new compilation CD "This and That" AND ... reissue of the Viggo Mortensen designed "War is Not the Answer" and "Support Our Troops - Bring them Home" T-shirts! Check the bottom of the T-shirt page for a special offer to those who move quickly.

Perceval's home page is updated almost daily with news and commentary, BTW. Worth a visit. - DMc

Added Viggo biography - 21-Dec-04
After receiving several requests for basic biographical information, we added a Viggo Mortensen Biography page with links to several other biographies available on the web. We also posted some photos of "young Viggo" and other family members. (Public photos, not paparazzi shots.) - DMc

Aragorn and BregoMore horse stuff - 21-Dec-04
We've split the "other horses" out of the Brego page and given them their own Horses in Lord of the Rings page. We've added photo galleries to both Brego and the LOTR horses pages. - DMc

Rearrangements - 20-Dec-04
We've rearranged the place a bit. The news and site updates are now on the main Viggo page, and we're adding news to the main Lord of the Rings page as well. Viggo's section now has a biography with family photographs and a small gallery of favorite photos.

Viggo Mortensen in Fresh HorsesVideo clips & more for Fresh Horses - 24-Nov-04
Finally managed to watch Fresh Horses. Okay, it's not a great movie, but I thoroughly enjoyed Viggo's two appearances in it. Call me crazy if you want, but I think that the 11-second sequence where he comes into the diner, sits down and takes off his cap is sweetly graceful, even poignant. You can judge for yourself. Posted five video clips, ten new screencaps of that diner sequence, and a spoiler movie review, all on the Fresh Horses movie page. Happy Thanksgiving! - DMc

With stars in their sighs - 23-Nov-04
Bernard Zuel writes in The Sydney Morning Herald: "They're all modern, sophisticated - and besotted with a man most of them have never met and never will, revelling in the guilty pleasures of a classic teenage crush. Thousands of these women across the world - 800 of them on one online meeting place, or board, alone - have a crush on a man who had barely figured on the pop culture radar four years ago." Remind you of anyone you know? It's a fun read. See the full article here. - DMc

People's Choice Awards - 31-Oct-04
Viggo Mortensen was nominated for Favorite Male Action Movie Star in the People's Choice Awards. Vote here! - DMc

Michael Moore & Viggo MortensenGetting out the vote - 30-Oct-04
Viggo appeared with Michael Moore and the musical group "goo goo dolls" to encourage Americans to vote for John Kerry for President. Photographs and more information here. - DMc

Happy Birthday, Viggo! - 20-Oct-04

Premiere Magazine - 19-Oct-04
Don't miss the November issue of Premiere magazine with Tom Hanks on the cover; it has a gallery of Viggo's behind-the-scenes photos from Lord of the Rings, plus a note from him and some fun anecdotes from the filming. - DMc

Viggo Mortensen as Burke in PrisonMore screencaps from Sagra - 11-Oct-04
Over the past month, Sagra has added screencaps for Vanishing Point, The Crew, Prison, and Salvation!, and we've linked to them from our movie pages. She also has 100s of gorgeous Viggo icon bases and two LiveJournal mood themes featuring Viggo and Karl Urban. - DMc

Hottest Actor? - 27-Sep-04 has a poll inviting women to pick the "hottest actor of them all" from a list of 12, including Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and of course Viggo. Viggo is currently leading, with 32.47% of the vote. Depp is in 2nd with 26.66%. If you care, go vote! - DMc

Final "Rematch" Chapters - 21-Sep-04
Finally posted the last two chapters of "Rematch," Dorothy Franklin's G.I. Jane fan fiction. See other stories as well, linked from our Fan Fiction page. - DMc

Walk on the Moon Director's Cut - 13-Jul-04
Fans are requesting that the studio release a multi-region "Director's Cut" DVD of A Walk on the Moon that would include a number of deleted scenes between Viggo Mortensen and Diane Lane. Sign the petition! - DMc

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