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I appreciate your comments on the site. I'd like to be able to post your comments in the Guestbook, so let me know if you'd rather not be quoted. Your email address will not be published nor will it be used for anything other than to respond to your message. I do get behind on email sometimes so please be patient if I can't respond right away.

If you are a Viggo fan looking to share thoughts with fellow enthusiasts, I encourage you to also check out one of the forums listed in the Forums Section of the Viggo Links page. You will find lively, intelligent, warm and welcoming communities, each with its own distinct personality. Members share thoughts on a variety of subjects, from Viggomania to arts, politics, and mythology. The groups also encourage members to share their own original art, photography, poetry and other writings. They all allow guests to "lurk" for a while before registering, so you can get a feel for which is the best match for you.

Likewise, for Tolkien fans, the Council of Elrond and Land of Rohan sites both feature active forums with friendly, intelligent discussion of the Tolkien books and the Lord of the Rings movies.




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