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Viggo Mortensen Photo Gallery

I have credited the photos wherever possible. Unfortunately this is difficult for two reasons. First, when I began collecting Viggo pictures I wasn't planning to post them on the web, so I didn't always keep track of original locations. Second, most of these can be found in multiple locations throughout the Internet and in many cases none of them appear to be original sources. Please contact us if you have information or concerns about the sources of the images.

Viggo Gallery - Cartoons & Fun

Viggo Gallery - Dogs and Cats

Viggo Gallery - Horses

Viggo Gallery - Reclining

This little section of the gallery was started because of a request posted in viggo daily.

Viggo Gallery - Soccer Shirt

Viggo Mortensen is a devoted fan of Argentina's San Lorenzo team and proudly wears their shirts.

Viggo Gallery - Urgayle Mustache

These photographs of Viggo Mortensen are not from G.I. Jane, but were taken around the time he was filming, and feature the trademark Urgayle mustache. I disliked that mustache when I first saw it but confess to have gotten rather fond of it over time.

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