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Viggo Mortensen in Reflecting Skin

Release: 1991

Director: Philip Ridley

Runtime: 95 min

MCAA Rating: R


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Reflecting Skin Cast and Crew

Viggo Mortensen: Cameron Dove

Other leading roles:
Lindsay Duncan: Dolphin Blue

Reflecting Skin Synopsis

Dark, dream-like dramatic thriller in which a young boy struggles with fantasies and difficult realities. Not for the faint of heart.

Reflecting Skin Articles & Interviews

The Reflecting Skin (1990) - goatdog's movies
Critic Michael W. Phillips, Jr. gives The Reflecting Skin only 2.5/5 goats. While praising the film as "visually stunning," he finds the characters and their actions to be incomprehensible. Comparing filmmaker Philip Ridley with David Lynch, he observes that "Lynch's characters behave in more or less predictable, human ways when trying to find their way out of [a] mess. In The Reflecting Skin, nobody behaves like a normal person would, and the viewer is left as a patron at a freak show."

Viggo MortensenViggo Mortensen - Interview magazine, June 1991
Brief review of The Reflecting Skin focuses on Viggo Mortensen's role. "Mortensen doesn't appear until an hour has passed—but when he does he immediately marks himself as one of those actors who doesn't need fancy lighting to be incandescent."   []

The Fire That Fuels an Artist's HeartThe Fire That Fuels an Artist's Heart - Carpe Noctem #15, March 1999
Viggo comments on most of his pre-1999 movies, including Prison, Leatherface, Reflecting Skin, Indian Runner, Crimson Tide, The Prophecy, G.I. Jane, A Perfect Murder, Psycho, and the upcoming Walk on the Moon (tentatively titled The Blouse Man). He also discusses his art and upcoming showings. Finally, when asked, "In twenty years, would you rather be remembered as an actor who painted or a painter who acted?" he replies, ""I'd like to know that I was honest. I was myself as far as just being an artist and being an actor or poet or photographer or painter or whatever the hell. A pebble stacker, whatever the hell you end up doing, that's art. Being an artist is being an artist. So just be. If you only do acting, you're still an artist. I'd just like to know that I actually challenged myself."   []

The Reflecting Skin -, October 30, 1999
The Grinch gives The Reflecting Skin a 5-star rating while warning that it is "definitely not for the squeamish."

Reflecting Skin Resources

Viggo Mortensen in Reflecting SkinJapanese Souvenir Program - Sachie has eight scans of photos and text from the Japanese souvenir movie program for Reflecting Skin. Scroll about 1/3 of the way down the page.
Viggo Mortensen in The Reflecting SkinReview: Reflecting Skin and Passion of Darkly Noon - Colleen Wallace review of two Philip Ridley films calls The Reflecting Skin "a beautifully shot, high concept American Gothic horror tale about community, family and post war fallout."
Viggo Mortensen in Reflecting SkinVal's Screencaps: The Reflecting Skin - Over 100 screen captures of Viggo Mortensen in The Reflecting Skin. Mostly full-screen, some cropped. Larger than the average screencap, good clarity.