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You are welcome to download these Quicktime video clips or upload them to your own web site (in which case a link to this site would be appreciated.) Or you may link to this page. But PLEASE do not hotlink directly to the videos. The bandwidth does cost me money, and if it is abused I will be forced to pull the videos. Thank you!

Audio Clips

Return of the King Soundtrack - Detailed review of the music for the Return of the King, with mp3 downloads for the tracks. I recommend getting the CD; this is incredible music and shouldn't be stolen.

LOTR The Two Towers - Video Clips

I captured these myself from the Two Towers extended DVD. If you don't have these DVDs they are well worth the extra money just for the extra scenes, and the two DVDs of special features are a bonus.

Brego bonds with Aragorn11. Brego in the stable at Edoras - The first meeting of Aragorn and the horse Brego, in which he soothes the restless beast in Rohirric. Eowyn is entranced as well. The subtitle is hard to read: "Your name is kingly," Aragorn tells Brego. (01'44)
Gimli on horseback12. Dwarf women - Gimli's description of the women of the Dwarves in this short clip brings a rare smile to Eowyn's face. (00'36)
Aragorn tastes Eowyn's stew13. Eowyn's stew and the Dunedain - Taking a rest break on the march to Helm's Deep, Eowyn treats Aragorn to a bowl of unpalatable stew and draws him into conversation about his age. (01'46)
Aragorn bracing to leap on the warg14. Warg fight on the way to Helm's Deep - A bit of the rompin' stompin' action that leads to Aragorn and a warg hurtling off a cliff into the river below. I slowed down the action as otherwise it's almost impossible to see what is happening. Note the head butt, a specialty of Viggo's Aragorn. (00'26)
Arwen awakens Aragorn with a telepathic kiss?15. Wounded Aragorn dreams of Arwen - Not actually a favorite clip but it fits in here. Aragorn has just washed up on shore after falling off a cliff into the river and being given up for dead by his fellows. In his delirium he dreams of Arwen calling him back to life with a kiss. (00'43)
Brego nuzzles Aragorn16. Brego to the rescue - Now Brego finds the wounded Aragorn lying alongside the river, awakens him with a horsey smooch, and lies down so that Aragorn can mount. Together they head for Helm's Deep. (00'53)
Legolas: You're Late17. Legolas welcomes Aragorn to Helm's Deep - With Brego's help, Aragorn (given up for dead) has made his way to Helm's Deep. Legolas greets him in Elvish: "You're late" is the subtitle. (00'15)
Aragorn enters Helm's Deep18. Throwing open the doors - Aragorn throws open the doors to King Theoden's inner court and staggers in. (00'09)
Aragorn peers around the corner at the orcs19. Tossing Gimli - I know that some people object to the "dwarf-tossing" jokes in the films, but I enjoyed this interaction between Aragorn and Gimli. It is amusing but it also shows the level of trust they have developed. "Don't tell the elf." "Not a word." (01'17)

Video Downloads - Other Sources

Movie-List - The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Trailer Page - Download links for video of featurettes, trailers, TV spots for all three films. In various formats.
MovieWebMovieWeb - Return of the King - Links to video clips from trailers and advertising spots, plus interviews with cast and crew at the Los Angeles premiere. Most in both QuickTime and WMV formats. Many high-res downloadable images including movie stills and posters. Site has similar repositories for Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers.

Technical Notes

Get QuickTime: Free DownloadThe movies are in QuickTime format, which runs on both Macs and PCs; if you don't have QuickTime Player installed you can download it from Apple.

For the video captures on this page and the Viggo page, I used a Dazzle A/D video converter to connect from my VCR or DVD player to my Macintosh Powerbook. I used iMovie to capture the clips, edit them, adjust brightness and contrast, and in some cases make fade transitions. This was my first time doing this so if anyone out there has suggestions for improvement I am open to hearing them.

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