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Aragorn and Brego see Saruman's army approaching Helms DeepThanks so much to those who have taken the time to write. I feel honored by you who have shared your personal reactions to Viggo and the site, and have enjoyed the humor and generous spirit of others. You've all helped give me the courage to keep this going!

To my friends whose native language is not English, a special thank you for taking the time to translate your thoughts into words I can understand. Unlike Viggo, I am not good at other languages. I appreciate your efforts. Please do not apologize for your English skills! You are much better with English than I am with your native language! I am grateful.

If you would like to add your comments, please use the contact form.

California, USA

I have just come across your site and like others, am obsessed with horses. I breed Dutch Warmbloods, and many years ago in Highschool ran with the "Frodo Lives" gang. there is no way I can put into words the emotions of seeing the movie come to life as spectacularly as it did. I also became curious as to the ancestry of "Brego the Movie Star". I can only find that he was a warmblood stallion. I admit to a knack for the Dutch bloodlines, and after seeing Uraeus, his conformation and movement (especially the collected trot in Fanghorn) am chaffing at the the bit to find out more.

Didn't mean to go on and on - from LOTR to horse geek in one lifetime!

Thanks and many horse slobbers,
February 15, 2005
Just wanted you to know that in one of your pics (well 2 pics actually) Viggo in NYC with a "flurry black dog" is in fact a Spitz, probably a German Spitz (the Finnish one has a light-color coat!
Some in other sites said that the dog was a Newfoundland !!!!!
Well hope it helps !
February 15, 2005
this is the first time I am visiting this site-it is different and fare more profond then any of others I have seen THANK YOU
Elina, Bulgaria
February 15, 2005
We are a German extremely highly still small crowd of crazy realityclose Fans of Viggo. We are try to built a Portal on the domain

There is almost a chatroom and the Forum. That anybody can join and which one has an extremely high frequented fanfiction area and an English section (just for democracy!) as well.

I am the admin spamdora (usually named as Devi) and I'd love to ask whether we could be listed in your links.

We will put you on our frontpage at the MOST WANTED LINKS section.

Hold on with your good work, Namarie, Devi

[Devi, thank you! We've added a link from our Viggo links page —Donna]
Devi, Germany
February 11, 2005
Donna, I love your website about Viggo. I could say what others have said about your Viggo Theory and everything else, but since it's been said before I will only add that I relate. What's most amazing is that all of Viggo-ness inspired me participate more in life and to learn to play the viola. I am inspired of course to learn my first pieces by playing LOTR music from sheetmusic. I've always wanted to play viola since I was young, but I've decided to DO rather than wonder or wish wistfully about my life. There is great joy in feeling one's own creativity come to life. Viggo's living life and so can we all. Thanks for a great website that I've returned to often. To the readers, here is a 45 year old married mother of two who cheers us all on!
February 9, 2005
Yours is the best website on Viggo and the horses of LOTR that can be found! I commend and thank you as a horse and Viggo fan. I agree wholeheartedly with your Viggo Theory - in some ways he is more myth than man - but a myth I believe in.

I am 41 years old, happily married, but hopelessly enamored of Viggo's humility, gentless and non-violent spirit.
February 7, 2005
This is one of the most impressive sites I've ever found on the net. I would recommend that all would-be website designers study what you've achieved with this site. It's informative, incredibly easy to navigate and very, very pretty. But more than this, it's utterly creative in its own right. I particularly like the Viggo Theory page-- you've done exactly what Viggo would admire most: been totally creative through exploring this intensely creative man.
I've studied the films; I've read the poems, but I'm only just scratching the surface of your wonderful site. Thank you very much!
February 4, 2005
Awesome site. My remake of "Vanishing Point" finally debuts on DVD March 8, 2005. Hope you like it.
Charles Robert Carner
February 1, 2005
i'm a Loftr fan, we all know that Viggo made an exceptional role, i'm a fan of him too :P , your site is very complete and in my view is the best about him that i've ever seen ;).
January 31, 2005
hi! just wondering how old henry mortensen is..

[see our biography page—according to IMDb, Henry was born Jan 28, 1988, so he just turned 17. —Donna]
January 30, 2005
Wow, what a fantastic site! This is by far the best and most professional fan site I have even seen. Thank you for sharing your interest and talent with us. It has been a pleasure to read about our mutually admired Viggo in such an honest and classy manner. Kudos to you for your work here!
January 28, 2005
Hello from Slovenia!

I've got one question and I hope you could help me. I'm wondering if you know internet site of the ranch where for example (according to information I've got on your site) are staying horses: Florian, who played Asfaloth in LOTR, Uraeus... And where rides Jane Abbott or if you happened to know how to get in touch with her (e-mail adress,)? Or if you give me Nao's e-mail adress.
I hope i'm not being too annoying with all my questions...

[Not annoying at all! On the Horses in Lord of the Rings page we have links to a lot of sites including Movie Horses New Zealand which is Jane Abbott's site. --Donna]
Vesna, Slovenia
January 26, 2005
Just a quick note telling you to keep up the great job you are doing Thank You again.
Lois R.
January 24, 2005
I just wanted to write a quick note telling you how much I enjoyed your site. It is by far the most organized "Viggo" site that I have been to, and you do make a good point to all fans about seeking your own creativity instead of living through someone elses! While I do think that Viggo seems like a stand up guy from what I've read, I have to say that I do follow my own creativity, and ultimately, I am only looking for a good wallpaper for my computer—which you have more than provided! Great site and great links!
January 24, 2005
Viggo should come with a warning label "Caution - will cause obsession". I am a late bloomer and didn't really spot him until LOTR came out on TV last fall (though I had seen his photo on TV Guide and Parade and thought "what a hottie"). I am now obsessed.

The Brego website is the best I've found! So much info on so many diverse sides of Viggo. I enjoy your links to articles and even TV interviews that I had never read/watched because I started too late (that Letterman interview is hysterical). I am a usually non-obsessive forty-something female who hadn't watched a movie in 20 years but, because of Viggo, this week alone I've seen Witness, GI Jane, Carlito's Way and have borrowed a friend's copy of Crimson Tide!

Keep up the great work and I'll be checking back every day to read even more... (P.s. I've dragged my 82 year old mother into this obsession with me)
Sandy from Holden, Massachusetts
January 16, 2005
Hi! I came across your site a short while ago and completely relate to your Viggo theory. I have undergone some of the same feelings even about the Urgayle moustache. :)
Cecile, Uruguay
January 15, 2005
In 2005, will there be any locations in the U.S. where Viggo's art work would be on display? I would love to see some of his work in person. I have purchased several of his books and the material has really grown on me over time. Thank you.

[I believe that the Robert Mann gallery is the only one that carries his work year-round. As for exhibitions, I will post a notice about anything I hear about, but I also suggest checking periodically the other main Viggo sites, especially,,, and Obsession (, as they usually pick up the news more early and often than I do. --Donna]
January 12, 2005
Thank you so much for creating this site. I love it and it in my opinion is the best Viggo site I've come across. I adore as millions of other females. I too agree that there is just something very striking about Viggo, he has this magnetism that just draws you to him. Then you find out how much more wonderful and talented he is the more you read and learn about him. I thank you for this site and I thank Viggo for sharing his many God given talents. Rocks!!
January 5, 2005
I have Viggo forum in czech site Seznam, If you want, you can give some quote or your opinion. Thanks
Motto: We love Viggo.

[Lucy, thanks! We've added a link to your forum in the "non-English fan sites" section of the Viggo Links page. --Donna]
Lucy, Czechoslovakia
January 4, 2005
Can you please tell me if you know of any links that are reliable where there are postings of any 2005 public appearances of Mr. Mortensen...whether poetry, art, or related to movie appearances... Thank you so much!!!
I have searching, and searching, and searching the net and still I can find nothing.
Please can you help me.

[Hi Aagii, this is a popular question—guess I need an FAQ! :) Viggo Mortensen has not been making very many publicized appearances, probably because of the crowds that such appearances would attract. I don't know of anything scheduled, though I'm guessing he will make some promotional appearances when History of Violence is released near the end of 2005. I suggest that you follow the more popular forums, such as viggo-works and Viggo Chronicles for the most up-to-date news. News is also posted regularly at viggo-online and obsession: viggo mortensen. --Donna]
January 3, 2005

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