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Viggo Mortensen in Boiling Point

Viggo Mortensen as Ronnie in Boiling Point

Release: 1993

Director: James B. Harris
Writer(s): James B. Harris
Based on: novel by Gerald Petievich

Runtime: 92 min

MCAA Rating: R


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Boiling Point Cast and Crew

Viggo Mortensen: Ronnie

Other leading roles:
Wesley Snipes as Jimmy Mercer
Dennis Hopper as Red Diamond
Lolita Davidovich as Vikki Dunbar

Boiling Point Synopsis

Red Diamond (Dennis Hopper) is a small-time con artist trying to make one final score so that he can retire. He teams up with Ronnie (Viggo Mortensen), a young dim-bulb hoodlum who manages to kill a secret service agent in the process. The agent's partner, Jimmy Mercer (Wesley Snipes) wants revenge and is allowed one week to try to catch the pair of killers.

Boiling Point Soundtrack

Music by Cory Lerios and John D'Andrea. No known soundtrack album.

Boiling Point Resources

Boiling Point Trailer - Theater trailer in WMF format.
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Boiling Point Photo Gallery

Click on the images to see larger versions (dimensions in parentheses). Thanks to Sagra for giving me permission me to crop from her screen captures. Want more? See her collection of 40 full-frame screencaps from Boiling Point.