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Viggo Mortensen in The Crew

Viggo Mortensen as Phillip in The Crew

Release: 1994

Director: Carl Colpaert
Writer(s): Carl Colpaert & Lance Smith


MCAA Rating: R

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The Crew Cast and Crew

Viggo Mortensen: Phillip

Other leading roles:
Donal Logue as Bill Pierce
Jeremy Sisto as Timothy Grant
Pamela Gidley as Jennifer Pierce
Laura del Sol as Camilla Marquez

The Crew Synopsis

Reluctantly Bill agrees to spend a weekend on his brother-in-law Phillip's boat in the Bahamas. But he and his wife are not the only invited passengers, and instead of a few relaxing days at sea Bill experiences something that shakes his whole existence.

The Crew Brief Review

Widely considered to be one of the stupidest movies in which Viggo Mortensen appeared, but the scenery is pretty and you do get to see a lot of Viggo in shorts and bare chest if that's what you're looking for.

Note: no longer in print, but available through Antisoshal. See link and details below.

The Crew Resources

Poster from The CrewThe Crew - From Cineville, producers of The Crew, an official page with movie poster, scans of press clippings and complete credits. One of the clippings, a review evidently from Video Movie Guide, rates the film 4 stars, saying, "Surprises float from all directions in this outrageous little flick. Unfortunately, you have to close your eyes to a major plot hole that keeps this bunch together—but it's a forgivable sin."

The Crew Photo Gallery