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Viggo Mortensen in Crimson Tide

Viggo Mortensen in Crimson Tide

Release: 1995

Director: Tony Scott
Writer(s): Michael Schiffer (screenplay)
Based on: story by Michael Schiffer and Richard P. Henrick

Runtime: 116 min

MCAA Rating: R for strong language

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Crimson Tide Cast and Crew

Viggo Mortensen: Lt. Peter 'Weps' Ince

Other leading roles:
Denzel Washington: Lt. Cmdr. Ron Hunter, XO
Gene Hackman: Capt. Frank Ramsey

Crimson Tide Synopsis

A tense submarine thriller reminiscent of Hunt for Red October, starring Hackman as the veteran captain and Washington as his well-educated XO. Viggo has a strong supporting role as the clean-cut weapons officer, Peter "Weps" Ince. When a message transmission is cut off, the officers on the USS Alabama must decide whether to launch nuclear missiles or wait for further orders. The Captain and XO reach different conclusions, and Weps is caught in the middle.

Crimson Tide Brief Review

Well-acted, tense drama despite somewhat stereotypical roles for Washington and Hackman. Viggo Mortensen's Lt. Ince is caught between his trusted commanding officer and an equally trusted good friend, and his decision will ultimately decide whether the United States launches a nuclear missile. The tension he feels is reflected more in his face than in his dialogue, and the camera makes good use of Mortensen's skill.

Crimson Tide Soundtrack

Original soundtrack by Hans Zimmer
1. Mutiny
2. Alabama
3. Little Ducks
4. 1SQ
5. Roll Tide (Includes Hymn 'Eternal Father Strong To Save')

Crimson Tide Articles & Interviews

To Be ViggoTo Be Viggo - Interview magazine, June 1995
Patricia Arquette, who was Viggo Mortensen's co-star in Indian Runner, leads Viggo through a free-form interview on gardening, acting, life goals, and liposuction. About Crimson Tide, Viggo says, "It was nice to play a guy with a job and a family, rather than a guy with a big ax to grind. And scary too, because in a role like that you have to fit in, whereas you don't if you play a sociopath. In this role, I couldn't hide behind violence or fake teeth."   [Viggo-Works]   [Chronicles]   []

The Guy Can't Help ItThe Guy Can't Help It - L'Uomo Vogue #270, April 1996
In this interview prior to his trip to Italy, Viggo discusses the difficulty of staying in character while filming two very different roles simultaneously (Portrait of a Lady and Daylight). He also shares thoughts about Crimson Tide and other prior movies, and about the challenges of balancing films with his private life. Great photos by Bruce Weber.   []

Crimson Tide Resources

Viggo Mortensen and Denzel Washington in Crimson TideFilms of Viggo Mortensen: Crimson Tide - Two thumbs-up reviews of Crimson Tide: The first review describes Viggo's "fine, nuanced performance" and gives kudos to Washington and Hackman as well. The second summarizes: "An absolute 'edge of your seat' film with no let up, and Viggo Mortensen has a pivotal role." Crimson Tide - Lists upcoming showtimes for Crimson Tide on US premium cable channels. Site also has a brief review and links to related websites.
Rotten Tomatoes logoRotten Tomatoes Reviews: Crimson Tide - A page of quotes from reviews with links to full text for some. Overall rating 93%. Reviews range from "There is so much excellent about this picture it is hard to know where to begin." to "Crimson Tide is like that promising good-looking first date who ruins everything by talking."

Crimson Tide Video Clips

When I think of Crimson Tide, I think first of the sweating--Viggo in his crewcut, saying nothing, jaw muscles twitching, with giant beads of sweat gathering on his stress-laden face. Then I think of the ironing, and break out in a grin. Who can resist a man who irons with such precision and grace?

Enjoy the clips!

Crimson Tide birthday partycrim-01: At the birthday party  «14-Sep-04» - Lt. Peter Ince (Viggo Mortensen) is at the birthday party for the young daughter of Commander Hunter (Denzel Washington). With Ince is his son, played by Viggo's real-life son, Henry Blake Mortensen.
Quicktime video 320x240 (00'05, 392KB)
Weps (Viggo Mortensen) in a staff meetingcrim-02: The only nation  «14-Sep-04» - In a senior staff meeting, someone comments, "[the enemy is] a dangerous lunatic and he's threatening nuclear war...." Lt. Peter "Weps" Ince (Viggo Mortensen) responds, "What's that make us, since we're the only nation ever dropped a nuclear bomb on anyone?"
Quicktime video 320x240 (00'10, 736KB)
Weps (Viggo Mortensen) irons his shirtcrim-04: Ironing  «14-Sep-04» - While doing a beautiful job of ironing his shirt, "Weps" (Viggo Mortensen) offers advice to Commander Hunter. Hunter listens, then asks, "you do pants, too?"
Quicktime video 320x240 (00'36, 2.4MB)
Countdown clock at Weps' stationcrim-05: Countdown  «14-Sep-04» - As chief weapons officer, "Weps" (Viggo Mortensen) regularly reports the launch status of the submarine's weapons. "Con, Weapons. Estimated time to One SQ for strategic launch is 14 minutes, sir." Note the photo of Henry tucked under the upper right corner of the clock.
Quicktime video 320x240 (00'09, 652KB)
Viggo Mortensen as Lt. Peter Incecrim-06: He's in command  «14-Sep-04» - After Hunter takes command, "Weps" (Viggo Mortensen) is asked to assist the captain in retaking control of the ship. Initially, he backs Hunter: "He's in command now! If they order him to launch, we'll launch. And we'll blow 'em all to hell! But I'd rather go down myself than get this one wrong."
Quicktime video 320x240 (00'10, 816KB)
Viggo Mortensen as Lt. Peter Ince, with a gun to his headcrim-10: Blow your head off  «14-Sep-04» - The captain (Gene Hackman) threatens Weps, trying to get him to launch the nuclear weapons: "I'm going to count to three, then I'm going to blow your f*cking head off...."
Quicktime video 320x240 (00'16, 1.1MB)

Crimson Tide Photo Gallery